At Least 1.5 Metres

“… do not shake hands, or exchange physical greetings, and wherever possible, stay at least 1.5 meters away from others.” We are told to keep away from one another throughout a year already, which makes people more and more distanced and bored even in a year that we really need support from one another. So, the following recipe shows a set of instructions for you to carry out at home that make communication more fruitful and more fun during the pandemic.

Use a 1.5 metres long stick to replace your hands and communicate through the internet. The irony is that we are already told to stay away from one another and stay at home, yet we still follow the rules of keeping the “social distance” between one another. The recipe will help you to see the fun in a ridiculous situation.

Download the full recipe here.

At least 1.5 Metres is a design by Lai Kok-Lam, Joyce.

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