I can Show you the World

When was your last trip? Do you miss travelling?

During the pandemic, we are not able to travel. But why don’t you share your travelling experiences with your partner, and take them on a fictitious trip?

Step 1: Select five favourite souvenirs you’ve brought from previous trips. They may be from only one trip, they may be a mix from several trips.

Step 2: Arrange the souvenirs in an order of your choice.

Step 3: Share the story of your fictitious trip along the line of the souvenirs: Where you bought them, why you bought them, any interesting events related to them…

Step 4: If you like share your made-up travel experience on Instagram (#showyoursouvenirs). Read other’s experience/ memories.

Hope you enjoy a great time with your friends and family at home, where you’ll be safe!

I Can Show you the World is a design by Huang Wa-Yi-Alistair.

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