I might have Kissed You

Some say that people are more and more distanced due to the current pandemic situation. The following recipe might give you an alternative point of view by searching for ways to mend “interstices” and to see “something”, the subtle traces of existence.

Dining out has been a common experience for each and every one, no matter what the times were. But have you ever considered you may have literally shared a subtle intimacy with a total stranger by sharing the same reused eating utensils at the restaurant?

By post-romanticism recipe has two versions: “Family” and “Lead of Faith”. For “Family”, you may share a moment with your loved ones by paying special attention to minor details in your daily life. For Leap of Faith” you’ll draw upon restaurants’ common practice to provide free glass of water with a meal. Those who participate will never know who used that glass before.

Download the full recipe here.

I might have Kissed you Somewhere, Sometime is a design by Janice Chan.

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