Leave me a Message

A different kind of “message in a bottle”.

The one who places the card:
Step 1: Grab a card/bookmark/whatever, write a specific question on it and leave space for a response.

Step 2: If you want to get the card back at some point, you may add your contact. (You may ask for digital feedback or mailing back of the hard copy to you.)

Step 3: Hide the card anywhere you like, e.g. in a book in the public library, your friend’s bookshelf, cafe menu, etc.

Step 4: If you didn’t leave any contact, you may revisit the card someday to see if anyone responded.

The one who finds the card:
Step 1: After you discovered a card somewhere, reply to the question on the card.

Step 2: You may send a photo or mail it back provided there’s a contact on the card. If not, just leave the card where it is, for the next person to find.

Step 3: If you’re interested to join this subtle activity, you may try to follow this format, and hide your own question on a card somewhere.

Download the full recipe here.

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