Before you start, please prepare:
– a mechanical pencil, alcoholic sanitizer, a pair of scissors;
– thermal paper (e.g. fax paper/receipt paper);
– a plastic bag/ preservative paper (or any material that is waterproof and transparent, larger than the receipt paper);
– disposable gloves (plastic/nitrile gloves).

Step 1: Search for a person that left us in the past year.

Step 2: Find the number of death from the pasr year (may be the figure from where you live/a particular country/region/global).

Step 3: Put on the disposable gloves.

Step 4: Scratch the name and the figure onto the thermo paper.
Note: Scratch on the front (=glossy) side of the paper.

Step 5: Cut a transparent plastic bag into two pieces, put the thermo paper on one piece of plastic.

Step 6: Spread the alcoholic sanitizer all over the second piece of plastic, press it onto the thermo paper and closely watch the mark that you left on the paper.

Please wear a mask whenever you go out.

Please keep a social distance and wash your hands frequently.

Stay safe!

Download the full recipe here.

Leaving is a design by Zhang Wanying, Yuenying.

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