Looplaby (How’s it Today?)

During the coronavirus pandemic, physical distancing has become a rule to lessen the risk of passing on or catching the disease.  The resulting upheaval of daily life impacts our mental health. Being without our normal social context can make us feel lonely, and – in more serious cases – may grow into full-fledged depression.

However, remember, we all feel lonely at times. Don’t struggle alone, many people are currently cut off from their loved ones. As we don’t want our family or friends to worry about us, we tend to hide our feelings. This recipe gives us back opportunity to express our current state of mind, to share with the world, and to collectively create a musical piece larger than every single one of us alone.

Step 1: Go to the Looplaby website.

Step 2: Answer the question “How’s it today?” by ticking a number. “1” is “very bad” and “9” is “wonderful”. Don’t think too much, just follow your nose.

Step 3: Provide your name and email address.

Step 4: Wait for our email.

Step 5: Open the link in the email and click the play button. Listen to the musical score that is the result of all of our combined states of wellbeing.

(If you can’t wait, you may find some sample results here.)

Looplaby is a design by Law Sze-Man. Ariel.

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