Step 1: Make a bouncy rubber band ball
Grab a sheet of paper and crumple it into a ball. Begin stretching rubber bands around the core. Keep adding bands until you have a nicely firm ball.

Step 2: Play the bouncy rubber band ball

One player
If you’re joyful, reel off a band, knot it to the ball, then stretch and shrink it in any directions.
If you’re sleepy, slip a finger under a rubber band, then pull it up high and release.
If you’re angry, tear down all bands and throw the ball fiercely. Don’t give a damn.
If you’re bored, rotate the ball in your palm; stay focused and try not to fall out.

Two players
If you know each other, each hit the ball powerfully and count how often it bounces. The one who bounces more will be the winner.
With a stranger, roll the ball to them. If they is willing to roll it back, keep it up and even speed it up. Hit it off until a third party interrupts.

Small group (four to six players)
– Form pairs and face diagonally while maintaining the whole group of players in a circle. Then one pair starts to roll their balls to opposite side and the other groups take turns to follow. Catch up with the rhythm and keep the cycle repeating. Game over if the balls collide.

Large group (more than ten players)
– Form a big circle. One person starts to bounce the ball once onto the floor up to anyone else. Anyone who catches the ball, takes away one band, and bounces the ball to someone else. Eventually the game ends when everyone has a rubber band as a tiny souvenir.

Download the full recipe here.

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