In this pandemic, it is hard for us to maintain physical interactions with others when we are all trying to maintain safe social distancing. We may not hold others hand outside of our inner family circle, and may not get in touch with our friends. Thus, I created this recipe for people to conceptually hold others hand while keeping their safe distance. By drawing their own avatars on a Chinese scroll or via social media, people can have a virtual connection with physically existing humans despite this terrible situation.

Step 1: Download the template.

Step 2: Create your avatar roughly to the size of the template. Most importantly make sure to keep the hands in their right places to be able to connect with other avatars.

Step 3: Upload your work to Instagram (#o8oo8oo8o).

Step 4: Visit Instagram to see the work you’ve created with others.

080080080 is a design by So Sui-Yan, Miffy.

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