Three Cents

The railings lining many of Hong Kong’s sidewalks have become a significant symbol since the outbreak of the protests in 2014 and 2019. Not long ago, many of the railings had disappeared from the streets of Hong Kong (because they had been used as barricades during the clashes). Now they have all come back – like the protests may be back one day.

Under the new National Security Law of July 2020, gatherings of three can be charged as illegal gathering in Hong Kong. For Cantonese speakers the English word “three” sounds like the word “free”.

In times where many fear for human rights and freedom in Hong Kong, we need to set a sign for hope: you’re not alone.

Place a set of one 10 cents and one 20 cents piece on a railing somewhere in the city. (In Cantonese this denomiation colloquially will be called “three cents”). If you find three cents somewhere, put your three cents next to them. If you see any three cents stacks around, take a picture and post it with the hashtag #wwbbii.

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