Wait the Boil, Feel the Tea

Pause & Reflect
In this era of “information flood” we are surrounded by overwhelming information every day. It is undeniable that many people lack a space to pause and relax.

Whenever we have spare time, we would rather choose to focus our attention on a screen, fading out the people and events happening around us, hence ignoring our core sentiments – the “five senses”.

The rationale of this recipe is to cherish serene moment that is encased in the simple activity of boiling water to make tea, an ordinary trifle in life, generally overlooked by people.

Contiuously experience the process from “boiling water” to “drinking tea”;
savor each step, carefully note the perceptions of your five senses while interwoven with the recipe, and then compose a poem about your experience.

If you like, share the poem with people around you, share the real pleasure of waiting and making tea with your five senses.

Download the full recipe here.

Wait the Boil, Feel the Tea is a design by Chung Wing-Yiu, Stephanie.

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